Power Transfer Cat. 6 Plus Ethernet Cable

PT6PLUS                                               -(9) 24 AWG Wires            -Max. Rating: 24 VDC, 1A  

  • PT6PLUS provide the means of transferring electrical power & data from the frame to the door in a secure and discreet manner.
  • Unit mortises into the edges of the door and frame and is completely concealed when the door is in the closed position.
  • All metal construction including backboxes - NO PLASTIC PARTS
  • Ideal for high abuse or heavy traffic situations
  • UL/ULC Listed for use on fire doors
  • Packaged individually with fasteners for wood, steel, or aluminum doors and frames
  • Not for use with swing-clear hinges, pocket pivots, butt hinges larger than 6”, 1-1/2” offset pivots, or center hung doors
  • Standard Finishes: US28 - Brushed Aluminum and Powder Coated Dark Bronze to match US10B Finish
S2 - Painted Brass (to match US4)
S3 - Painted Bronze (to match US10)
S4 - Painted Black
S5 - Painted Dark Bronze (to match US10B)
S8 - Painted White
US28 - 628 - Satin Aluminum