ABH Master Catalog

Architectural Builders Hardware Manufacturing, Inc. 1222 Ardmore Avenue, Itasca, IL 60143 THO ‡ )D[ Web: wwwDEKPIJ FRP ‡ (PDLO DEKLQIR#DEKPIJ FRP D-2 2014 ABH Mfg., Inc. Electromagnetic Door Holders Innovation, Quality, Customer Service... Where would I use it? (OHFWromagnetic door holders can be used in any application needing remote door release. ‡ )Lre rated openings ‡ Door is released when magnet is tripped by a smoke alarm or detector ‡ ‡ Door releases when prompted from remote switch The ABH Advantage ‡ Magnets are tri-voltage for installation and stocking ease ‡ Door armature has two pivot points which each have 360° mobility ‡ Magnetic coil is tri-voltage and can be wired for 12VDC, 24 VAC, 24 VDC or 120 VAC. ‡ All metal components - do not contain any plastic components. ‡ Most models come with a 1” extension for FREE and do not requirH DQ H[WHQVLRQ DGDSWHU piece ‡ ([WHQVLRQ rods thread together easily allowing LQVWDOOHUV WR PL[ DQG PDWFK VWDQGDrd sizes to achieve desired length ( see D-8 for details) ‡ Positive release button on door armature alleviates residual magnetism ‡ ‡ &DOLIRUQLD 6WDWH )Lre Marshall approved Warranty ABH provides a two-year limited warranty for all its electromagnetic door holders from date of shipment. ‡ ‡ &DOLIRUQLD 6WDWH )Lre Marshall approved ‡ 0HHWV RU H[FHHGV $16, %+0AA156.15 Grade 1 Troubleshooting General Info