ABH Master Catalog

Stainless Steel Continuous Pin & Barrel Hinges Innovation, Quality, Customer Service... Architectural Builders Hardware Manufacturing, Inc. 1222 Ardmore Avenue, Itasca, IL 60143 Tel: 630-875-9900 • Fax: 630-875-9918 / 800-932-9224 Web: www.abhmfg.com • Email: abhinfo@abhmfg.com 2015 v1.1 ABH Mfg., Inc. G-1 Table of Contents General Info Standard Features Warranty Fire Rating How to Order Hinge Types Door Clearance Chart Parts Electrical Options Non-Electrical Options Full Concealed Models A500 A500RB A5500WT A505 A505RB A510 A511 A515 A515RB A526 A529 A5500 A5515 A5505 Half Mortise Models A504 A506 Half Surface Models A503 Full Surface Models A502 G-2 G-2 G-2 G-2 G-3 G-4 G-5 G-6 G-7 G-8 G-8 G-9 G-9 G-10 G-10 G-11 G-11 G-12 G-12 G-13 G-13 G-14 G-14 G-15 G-15 G-16 G-16