Stainless Steel Continous Pin & Barrel Hinges

Stainless Steel Continuous Pin & Barrel Hinges Innovation, Quality, Customer Service... Architectural Builders Hardware Manufacturing, Inc. 1222 Ardmore Avenue, Itasca, IL 60143 Tel: 630-875-9900 • Fax: 630-875-9918 / 800-932-9224 Web: • Email: G-2 2014 ABH Mfg., Inc. General Info Standard Features • Clinical Bearings - All hinges are manufactured with clinical bearings to provide a more permanent solution to lubricating hinges and help prevent build-up of dust and other foreign substances around the knuckles of the hinge. • Welded End Pins - Both the top and bottom end pins are permanantly welded to the hinge so the pin will not loosen after years of use. • Continuous hinges alleviate most common alignment problems such as door binding and sagging by evenly distributing the weight throughout the entire door and frame • Provides extra security by eliminating the gap between the door and the frame; thus, disallowing the ability to pry the opening • All hinges are surface applied – no mortising of the door or frame required • Will cover old butt hinge cut-outs • Meets and/or exceeds ANSI 156.26, Grade 1 • Templated hinges – hole patterns for the standard lengths remain consistent from one order to the next • diameter stainless steel pin • Base material is heavy duty 14 gauge 304 grade stainless steel (except for A5500, A5515 and A5505 models which are heavier duty 12 gauge stainless steel) Warranty ABH provides a limited lifetime warranty on its hinges for the lifetime of the door warranty. Fire Rating All ABH stainless steel pin & barrel hinge UL® (U.S.A. and Canada) for up to and including a 3-Hour Fire Listing on all 4’0” x 10’0” doors: • 20 minutes – wood doors • 90 minutes – hollow metal and • composite core • • 3 hours – hollow metal doors How to Order Model: Finish: Options, if Applicable: Hinge Height: Full Concealed •A500 •A510 •A529 •A500RB •A511 •A5500 •A500WT •A515 •A5505 •A505 •A515RB •A5515 •A505RB •A526 Half Surface •A503 Half Mortise •A504 •A506 Full Surface •A502 (See pages G-6 to G-7 for details and availability) •TW4 •M •HT •CUT •SL •TW8 •PT •DD •SNB •ADB •TW12 •AMS •STUD •½ WS •CUSTOM HOLES •EZ4 •CT4 •AS •AWS •NO HOLES •EZ8 •CT8 •SEC •LL •EZ12 •CT12 •SPLICE •US32D = Satin Stainless Steel •US32 = Bright Stainless Steel •Custom Finish •078 = 78- ¾” •083 = 83- ⅛” •085 = 85” •095 = 95” •118 = 118-¾” Example : A500 083 US32D TW4 M