Aluminum Geared Hinges

Aluminum Continuous Geared Hinges Innovation, Quality, Customer Service... Architectural Builders Hardware Manufacturing, Inc. 1222 Ardmore Avenue, Itasca, IL 60143 Tel: 630-875-9900 • Fax: 630-875-9918 / 800-932-9224 Web: • Email: “CUT” - Cut to Custom Length If a non-standard length hinge is required, ABH will cut from the bottom of the hinge to the desired length, as long as it does not interfere with a bearing and/or screw hole. Specify length and handing. “SPLICE” – Spliced Hinge For hinges exceeding 120”, ABH splices two separate lengths with an alternately split cap to cover the gears. Specify length and handing. “HT” – Hospital Tip Top of the hinge cap is cut at a 45° angle to help support a safer environment in hospitals and other institutions. Specify handing. “TR” – Tamper Resistant Hinge is supplied with a hospital tip in addition to providing every other bearing with a set screw to further secure the hinge cap in high security applications. “SEC” – Security Fasteners Security fasteners are supplied in lieu of standard fasteners for all exposed areas. “FR” – Fire Studs Four stainless steel studs are supplied to provide the • to and including 3 hours • to and including 90 minutes “LL” – Lead-Lined Lead is provided for the door portion for half surface and full surface hinges where mounting holes will pierce the the lead. “SC” – School Cap Bearing is installed with a set screw at the top of the hinge covering the hinge gears and preventing any debris or obstructions from being inserted at the top. “DD” – Dutch Door Go online for order form or specify top and bottom door leaf heights, clearance required between door leaves and handing when ordering. “SL” – Sheared Leaf Sheared leaf to accommodate a 1- ⅜” thick door for concealed leaves. “SNB for 1- ⅜” Shortened bolts to accommodate a 1- ⅜” thick door for surface mounted door leaves. “CUSTOM HOLE” Contact factory with custom mounting hole locations desired for unusual frame and/or door conditions. “NO HOLE” Contact factory for hinges without mounting holes. “CUSTOM FINISH” available – contact factory for details. Custom color sample approval will be required prior to fabrication. Non - Electrical Options F-8 2014 ABH Mfg., Inc.