Hospital Push/Pull Latches

Innovation, Quality, Customer Service... Standard Features • Helps support a safer environment in hospitals and other institutions where safety is of the highest priority • Cylindrical latch application – passage function • 1-¾” standard door thickness (specify if different) • “SEC” Security fasteners provided standard • Trim is mounted using four thru-bolts for maximum stability • Non-handed unit for installation and stocking ease • • UL Listed 90 minutes or less, up to 4’0” x 8’0” 1/2” Latch Bolt Throw • Patent# 6,196,599 & Additional Patent Pending Selecting the Right Asylum Trim for You ABH manufactures three Asylum Trim types from which to choose - all operate in the same manner, by simply rotating the “knob” either clockwise or counter- clockwise. • “B” – Round Asylum Trim – Place your thumb on top of the knob and your • “C” – Angled Asylum Trim – This sleek design models the look of a thumb turn • “FM” – Flush Mount Asylum Trim – on both sides (no projection). – Pull side FM trim incorporates a ring that sits rotated to operate the latch and help pull the door open (see picture on C-11). Hospital Push/Pull Latches 6200 Series – Asylum Trim Cylindrical Latches Architectural Builders Hardware Manufacturing, Inc. 1222 Ardmore Avenue, Itasca, IL 60143 Tel: 630-875-9900 • Fax: 630-875-9918 / 800-932-9224 Web: • Email: 01-C “B” Round Asylum Trim “C” Angled Asylum Trim “FM” Flush Mount Asylum Trim on one side and LR6000 on other side 2015 v1.1 ABH Mfg., Inc.